Chamber BCLC Launches Business for Environmental Innovation

Companies Hold Key to Solving Environmental Challenges
Apr 22, 2011 3:00 PM ET

Business for Environmental Innovation: Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

By Kathryn Traver, Managing Director, BCLC

There is cause for celebration this Earth Day, as the first quarter of 2011 marks the 4th time in history that clean technology investing — alternative energy, pollution and recycling, power supplies and conservation — exceeded $1 billion.   Eighty-eight of the Fortune 100 firms now have sustainability platforms in place, and the efforts aren’t just in the realm of CSR and philanthropy. Businesses are building environmental concerns into their core strategies, and enterprise-wide innovations are offering opportunities for cost savings and new revenue streams.   A recent KPMG report found that the drivers behind most sustainability programs – in this country and elsewhere — are customer influence and brand enhancement. The study suggests that many companies are finding strategic advantages in embracing comprehensive, cohesive sustainability programs. Clearly, businesses are leading in sustainability – both to their benefit and to the benefit of the planet. In light of today’s business reality, the U.S. Chamber BCLC is pleased to announce a new initiative: Business for Environmental Innovation.       Business for Environmental Innovation will tell the story of how companies lead by developing the research, products, systems, and solutions that combine 21st-century economic opportunity with responsible stewardship of the Earth.   So, what do we know about companies’ work in this space?  Read more >>>       BCLC13387