CES Musings from a Mom & Internet Safety Advocate

Jan 25, 2011 4:53 PM ET

Internet Safety for Kids and Families - Advice for Families & Schools from Tren…

by Lynette T. Owens

The 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held in Las Vegas Convention Center this past January 6-9 and showcased everything from cars and robotic vacuum cleaners to holographic displays and advances in environmentally-friendly technology.  It hosts numerous celebrities endorsing them and is characterized by vendor displays with as much lighting, drama, and sound to rival the city hosting it.  I arrived, ready to partake in the Internet Safety Symposium, with a group of panelists I looked forward to meeting.  I left with mixed feelings.  It was like I had just had a tiny glimpse into the future – who needs to buy a 3D television that burdens you to wear glasses when the holographic projection of your favorite television show in the middle of your living room was possible in the near future?

By all accounts, this year’s show broke many attendance records: 140,000 attendees, 30,000 from outside the U.S., 2,700 companies exhibiting, and 22 well-known CEOs presenting over the 4 days in Las Vegas.  Yet even with all of the glitz, hype and self-congratulation everywhere, I felt an uncertainty of how much some of these new advances would change the way we live accompanied by a sinking feeling that nobody really cared about how much it might impact our kids.

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