A CEO’s Perspective: Harmonizing Legacy and Innovation With Campbell Soup Company

Aug 9, 2023 3:05 PM ET
Podcast guest Mark Clouse

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Mark Clouse entered Campbell Soup Company in 2019 as its 14th CEO in the company’s 153-year history. Recognizing the upheaval that the food industry has been undergoing for the last decade and the need for a fresh strategic direction in a rapidly evolving business landscape, Mark sought to define a new, resonant purpose that would guide the company's decisions and inspire employees, customers, and stakeholders alike. 

But as a long-lived company, it was vital for the purpose to evoke Campbell’s legacy while shaping a new chapter of the iconic company’s story. 

We invited Mark Clouse to share the journey behind Campbell’s purpose: “Connecting people through the food they love.” Accompanied by a set of new and compelling values, the purpose has become the driving force behind the company’s recent transformation — from their steadfast commitment to their hometown in Camden to its new employee value proposition. Through this lens, Campbell has embarked on a transformative journey that builds off the company’s impact over the last 150+ years.

Listen for C-level insights on:

  • Being a steward for a legacy company 
  • Absolutes and direction for re-shaping a purpose
  • How purpose enables a company to simultaneously create sustainable shareholder value and better society and the environment
  • AI and its role in business today

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