CECP Member Company, ITT Corporation Strengthens Partnerships to Address Water-Related Risks before Disaster Occurs

Feb 8, 2011 9:30 AM ET
In the last decade, the frequency, severity and complexity of disasters has dramatically increased, affecting billions of people and straining the capacity of government and humanitarian organizations worldwide. Through the years, ITT has sought to secure clean drinking water for victims of these disasters and has responded with critical funding, product, and trained responders to emergencies around the world.   ITT’s response efforts are part of the company’s larger corporate citizenship program, ITT Watermark, and are conducted in partnership with Mercy Corps, a leading international relief organization. Together, ITT and Mercy Corps have responded to 10 global disasters and have provided lifesaving water for 300,000 people impacted by emergencies.

While ITT has traditionally focused on securing water for communities following a disaster, the company’s recent response efforts in Haiti and Pakistan caused ITT to realize that the greatest number of lives can be saved by addressing water-related risks before a disaster occurs.

  In honor of International Corporate Philanthropy Day and the millions of people affected by disasters each year, ITT is proud to announce ITT Watermark and members of the Emergency Capacity Building Project are partnering to support the development of water-related disaster risk reduction programs.



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