CCOP's Top 10 of 2022

Dec 28, 2022 4:45 PM ET

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Our readers (and listeners) have spoken: CCOP's Top 10 of 2022 covers the most popular content we created this year, from episodes of Purpose 360 Podcast to editions of Purposeful Connections Newsletter. We hope you enjoy revisiting the content below - or, if you're new to our community, discovering the power of purpose.


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#1: Searching for the Soul of Business With Alan Murray
Listen to the episode here.

#2: Employees Have Spoken. Is Your Company Listening?
Read the article here.

#3: 26 Business Leaders Share How Purpose Powers Their Organizations
Read the article here.

#4: Carol Cone Talks Employees + Purpose at the 3BL Forum
Watch the video here.

#5: Ice Cream as a Convener for Social Change with Ben & Jerry's
Listen to the episode here.

#6: Defining Purpose
Read the article in Sustainable Brands here.

#7: Investing in the Greater Good
Read the newsletter here.

#8: Do You Know What Your Employees Want?
Read the article in Real Leaders here.

#9: Purpose 360 eBook, Second Edition
Download a copy here.

#10: 2022 Will Be the Great Reckoning for Corporate Purpose
Read the article in FastCompany here.