Causecast Nonprofit Newsletter: Free Custom Donation Widget Builder for All Nonprofits + Cause Marketing Technology + Top Ten Fundraising Tips

Aug 19, 2011 3:00 PM ET

Causecast Nonprofit Newsletter: Free Custom Donation Widget Builder for All Non…

NEW: Customizeable Donation Tool Free for All Nonprofits

Every nonprofit on Causecast gets access to our no-cost donations processing and free, ready-to-use donation tools. Now, we've made this powerful functionality even more useful.

We're excited to announce that starting immediately, nonprofits can customize their free donation widget (also known as a mini-application or badge),  with the ability to add custom colors, images and headlines!

Customizing the donation widget will make it seamlessly integrate into any organization's website and can be your new, free, donation call-to-action on your organization’s website or blog.  Or use the custom widget builder to create a new widget whenever you have a new campaign, upcoming event, or partnership you want to highlight with unique colors, messaging and logos.

This no-cost customizable fundraising tool provides nonprofits with a way to amplify the reach of fundraising efforts, participate in cause marketing, and ultimately raise more money online... because it's all free.

There is no cost to join Causecast to access the tool, and no cost for using it to process donations for your organization. Read more >> 

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Causecast Introduces New Cause Marketing Technology Platform to Easily Connect Nonprofits and Brands

If you're a nonprofit without a dedicated marketing professional or corporate sponsor, Causecast’s marketing campaigns and services offer up an easy solution to power your cause marketing efforts. And today, we've taken our service to a whole new level.

Before we tell you about how we can help, a quick word about cause marketing -- a critical component of your nonprofit's success. Cause marketing encompasses a wide variety of commercial activity that aligns a company or brand with a cause in order to generate business and societal benefits. (You can read more on this in the Cause Marketing Forum) In return, nonprofits gain exposure, awareness and fundraising opportunities.

Just how important are your cause marketing campaigns? In thier essay, "How To Stand Out From The Other 1.5 Million Nonprofits in the United States," Better World Cause Marketing put it succinctly:

“Essentially, cause marketing is a way to go far beyond fundraising. It’s a way to effectively produce massive education and public awareness initiatives and inevitably get noticed by the right types of citizens."



Latest Nonprofit Resources

Top Ten Fundraising Tips by the Authors of Nonprofit Management 101: Ten gems that will revolutionize your ability to bring more money in the door without adding additional, daunting responsibilities to your schedule.

Most Useful Books for Nonprofits - Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding, The Networked Nonprofit and more!: Use our list of the most useful books for nonprofits to save yourself the time and energy it takes to research and determine the valuable resources for your organization.

Only nonprofits on Causecast get access to Resource Library tutorials, articles and exclusive deals. Create a free account for your nonprofit on Causecast, and let us help expand knowledge across departments!

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Causecast Nonprofit Info Tchotchke

Did you know that by 2008, 81% of companies incorporated volunteer programs into their overall business plans?

Learn more in Reputation Building and Corporate Volunteerism Impacts Bottom Line by Causecast's Reena De Asis

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Social Media for Nonprofits

Be There: Social Media for Nonprofits in Los Angeles on August 22nd at UCLA

Social Media for Nonprofits is a nationwide conference series that provides nonprofit leaders with the tools and resources needed to create, manage and mazimize their social media presence.

Use the code "Cast" to get $20 off registration at any of the cities, including LA!

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Cause Marketing for Dummies

Check out the new book Cause Marketing for Dummies by Joe Waters, an expert on cause marketing whose blog,, is a key resource on the subject.

If you are new to cause marketing or could use a refresher course on cause marketing 101, this friendly guide is your resource.

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