Cat® Power Generators Bring Hope to Africa (Video)

Only about one in 10 Tanzanians do not have access to reliable electricity. Cat® engines help improve that number.
Dec 16, 2014 12:00 AM ET

A region of Africa long burdened by poverty, disease and malnutrition due to underdevelopment is now being powered into a new era of prosperity, thanks to Cat® generators. Home to nearly 2 million people, Mtwara and Lindi are the southernmost regions of Tanzania and would experience frequent and prolonged periods without power.

A solution to meet the regions’ power needs came from collaboration between local Cat® dealer Mantrac Africa and customer Wentworth Resources. Tapping into the abundant nearby natural gas resource, they developed a project building pipelines using six Cat® G3520C Generator Sets to provide a reliable source of electric power never seen before in the region.

Today, the power plant in Mtwara has three more Cat generators on line, with three more units pending, as the demand for electricity in the region rises and businesses continue to invest. The project has enjoyed widespread support from local political leaders and has been instrumental in the development of plans for future phases of power generation across Africa.

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