Case Study: Tackling Poverty in Developing Countries

Oct 9, 2017 1:10 PM ET

Poverty and sustainable development are the prime focus of GRI’s program with the Swedish government. GRI works to raise awareness among local and global companies on poverty issues, and provides guidance to help companies identify their poverty impacts and increase the materiality of poverty-related business indicators. Through specialized trainings, GRI also helps civil society organizations, media, investors and policymakers understand and make use of the reported corporate data to stimulate action for positive change.

Click here for more details on GRI's collaboration with Sweden. To download the publication on poverty alleviation and sustainability reporting, please use this link

Working directly with governments around the world, GRI is contributing to advancing sustainable trade, investment and development in emerging countries, which will help lift millions of people out of poverty and reduce social and economic inequality. Visit our website to find out more about GRI's impact in the past 20 years.