Caryl Stern’s Path to Creating a Better World

Mar 26, 2024 9:00 AM ET
Podcast guest Caryl Stern

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Caryl Stern's remarkable journey spans more than 30 countries and several high-impact roles, including former CEO of UNICEF USA, former Executive Director of the Walton Family Foundation, and present Chief Impact Officer at LionTree, an independent investment and merchant bank for creativity, community, and capital. From her inspirational upbringing (shaped by her mother who survived the Holocaust) to her innovative work at UNICEF, Caryl offers invaluable insights for navigating the complexity of a changing world. She shares poignant stories about the importance of urgency in helping children globally and how storytelling can mobilize support for essential causes.

Caryl also discusses her work at LionTree to drive social impact through innovative, for-profit solutions. Caryl’s journey illustrates how a sense of responsibility to create a better world can accelerate impact.

Listen for insights on:

  • Mobilizing support and awareness for critical causes
  • Transitioning to new opportunities and career paths
  • Evolving as a leader to meet the needs of your organization

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