Carnival's Corporate Sustainability Report Destination Green

Carnival's Corporate Sustainability Report Destination Green

By Susan Parker
Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 2:00pm

This article originally appeared in the International Cruise and Ferry Review. 

Carnival Corp & plc (Carnival) released its Fiscal Year 2012 Corporate Sustainability Report as CFI went to press. Elaine Heldewier, sustainability director, commented: “In our sustainability journey we now have three reports [2010, 2011, 2012] under our belt which we are very proud of.”

The report, based on 34 perform- ance indicators, is developed in accord- ance with the global reporting initiative (GRI) which is the leading sustainability reporting framework, according to Carnival.

Speaking to CFI in January, Hel- dewier highlighted results not only from the 2012 report but for 2013 which is
in progress: “We are pleased to report that since FY2011 we have achieved a reduction in our absolute fuel emissions. Our FY2013 total fuel GHG emissions (Greenhouse Gasses) are down by al- most 4% compared to FY2011.”

She added: “We have voluntarily set a reduction target of 20% from our 2005 baseline of CO2 emission rate from ship- board operations by 2015. We have al- ready reached a reduction of more than 19% closing on our corporate target.” Adding: “We are very confident that we will meet it and might exceed it.” 

Carnival has been voluntarily participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project since 2006 which provides vis- ibility of companies’ carbon footprints and activities regarding carbon emis- sions. Carnival has also submitted an independent, third-party verification of its GHG emissions inventory.

In 2013, fuel consumption per unit decreased by more than 5%, a cumula- tive 21% reduction since 2007. 

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