Capitalizing on Complexity: What Canada's Public Sector can Learn from the World's Top CEO's

Karen Gardner, Associate Partner, IBM Global Business Services
Nov 5, 2010 2:00 PM ET

Change is a constant in the public sector workplace, but today’s real issue is ever greater complexity. In IBM’s Global CEO Study, which included Canadian public sector leaders, complexity topped the list of major concerns. This complexity is multiplied by the fact that public sector leaders don’t have the clarity of a bottom line to guide decisions like their private sector counterparts.

One might argue that the world has become too complex to manage based on this study’s results, but Karen Gardner will discuss how you can come to grips with complexity and even develop strategies to turn it to your advantage. Instead of being overwhelmed by confusion, Karen will describe how to master complexity and the needs of multiple stakeholders.   To see the full agenda for this event, incuding all speakers and session descriptions, please click here. For further information, contact Joel Elliott at   Please quote priority code 3BL1 when registering.