Capital For Organic Foods, Sustainable Consumer Products and Green Building Materials Entrepreneurs

Investors' Circle increases investment activity in targeted sectors
Jan 21, 2013 5:00 AM ET
Organic Foods/Beverages, Sustainable Consumer Products and Green Building Materials encouraged to apply to Investors' Circle

Investors' Circle, a network of impact investors, is dedicated to the growth of businesses with high social and environmental impact. As mentioned in Forbes recently, the IC network invested more than $10 million in early-stage enterprises in 2012, and targets are higher for 2013. Some of the exciting companies in Organic Foods, Sustainable Consumer Products and Green Building Materials that raised significant investment through IC in 2012 are:

  • EcoTensil - EcoTensil makes revolutionary, biodegradable, silky-smooth paperboard spoons that are ultra efficient and brandable. Made in the U.S.A. from sustainably forested FSC paper, they use far less material than plastic and other disposable utensils. Ideal for sample tasting, to-go packages and more.
  • LoMo Market - LoMo Market is a direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform that connects time-constrained customers with local producers of farm-fresh food for easy weekly pick-up.
  • Runa Tea - Runa is a company with a vertically integrated supply chain, and selling beverages made with guayusa tea with a mission to create livelihoods for indigenous farmers in the Amazon. Runa creates a fair trade market for guayasu, a native Amazonian tree leaf that has been brewed like tea for thousands of years by indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Early-stage entrepreneurs are invited to apply to this active network of socially responsible angel investors, venture capitalists, foundations and family offices. Applicants will be considered for an opportunity to present (pitch) at the Investors’ Circle Spring 2013 Venture Fair & Forum, scheduled for May 8–9 in San Francisco, CA.

Application deadline: Friday, February 1 by 5pm PT | 8pm ET

There is a $200 application fee and all entrepreneurs are first directed to review IC's criteria and funding process. Qualifying businesses receive immediate exposure to network members and will be considered for IC's in-person and virtual venture fairs. They will be highlighted in an e-newsletter read widely by IC's entire investor network and a permanent profile is automatically posted on GUST, IC's secure online deal database.

Entrepreneurs selected to present will be notified within 6–8 weeks, at which time they will receive presentation coaching. Entrepreneurs will engage an exclusive audience of angel and institutional investors, and are offered ample networking time.  An outstanding feature of working with this group of investors is that interested parties enter due diligence discussions right away, greatly faciliating the investment process.

"The recent rise in our network's investment levels are exciting," says Justin Desrosiers, IC's Director of Strategy & Operations and the one in charge of the organization's vetting process. "Entrepreneurs in organic foods and/or beverages, sustainable consumer products and green building materials are enthusiastically encouraged to get their applications in for consideration and now is an optimal time to do it."