The Promise of Skills-Based Volunteering

One of the biggest differentiators of skills-based volunteering is a concept Common Impact refers to as the knitting factor. Although traditional corporate philanthropy, which focuses on grant making and volunteerism, creates tremendous value, the exchange is often transactional and short lived. SBV stitches together previously untapped or underutilized expertise and resources from the corporate and nonprofit sectors to create more meaningful engagements that ultimately strengthen outcomes for both parties. 

The articles and resources included in this campaign demonstrate the long-term impact of skills-based volunteering on the social sector and how both companies and organizations can overcome existing barriers to create sustainable solutions for the community.  

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Social Impact & Volunteering

LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneurship Nonprofit Receives Pro Bono Expansion Consult From JPMorgan Chase
A virtual volunteering project with JPMorgan Chase is helping nonprofit StartOut increase its capacity to set up emerging LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs for success.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Shaping the Future of Skills-Based Volunteerism
Last week, the Common Impact team gathered in our Brooklyn offices to connect as colleagues and plan for the work ahead of us. As a growing and geographically dispersed organization, it was the first time many of us had a chance to engage face-to-face in important conversations on the future of pro bono work, and it also provided an opportunity for the team to re-connect with our mission and each other.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Common Impact's Nonprofit Skills-Based Volunteering Toolkit
We are excited to announce the launch of Common Impact’s Skills-Based Volunteering (SBV) Toolkit! Since 2000, Common Impact has supported nonprofits in effectively utilizing SBV to build internal capacity to better serve the community. Our decades of experience have proven that SBV holds great promise for both companies and nonprofits, and represents a sustainable resource for addressing social challenges, that complements traditional philanthropy and volunteerism.

Social Impact & Volunteering

The Long-Term Impact of Skills-Based Volunteering on the Social Sector
New research demonstrates the long-term impact of skills-based volunteering (SBV) on the social sector. As highlighted in our article, The Promise of Skills-Based Volunteering featured in Stanford Social Innovation Review's Fall 2017 issue, Common Impact embarked on a study to quantify the longitudinal impact of SBV on the social sector and heard first-hand about the transformational impact from our nonprofit partners. We reached out to over 400 nonprofits across 21 cities and across various mission areas who have participated in one or more projects with Common Impact. The results represent two decades of data that demonstrates the immediate, positive outcomes of these engagements on the social sector.

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