The New Volkswagen Sustainability Report

The New Volkswagen Sustainability Report

What is it that sets us apart? We focus on providing an unparalleled diversity of powertrains, operating resource-efficient production plants and offering good, secure jobs. Volkswagen is the first automobile manufacturer to commit to reducing the average CO2 emissions of its European new vehicle fleet to 95 g/km by 2020. At the same time, in our plants around the world we are striving to make our operations 25% more environmentally compatible and resource-efficient by 2018. Last but not least, in the past year we again created thousands of new jobs, in all employing over 590,000 people. Why do we do all this? Because as a major automobile manufacturer we take seriously our responsibility for the sustainable development of the economy, the environment and society. Our aim is to create lasting value – for the Company, its employees and its shareholders, but also for the countries and regions in which we operate. This all-embracing view of sustainability is shared by all twelve brands, our companies and all our employees across the Group. So how do we promote sustainability in concrete terms? This report provides the answer, illustrated by numerous examples from the world of Volkswagen as well as by facts and figures.

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