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Mindful Snacking

Mindful Snacking is the application of mindfulness to eating and can be practiced by anyone, anywhere and by all ages. It can help people to manage their relationship with all food and to do so in moderation.

It is about paying attention to why you want to eat before you choose what to eat. Are you hungry? Are you simply bored, distracted or seeking a break from what you are doing?

Thinking through your reasons can help you to be more deliberate about what you eat and conscious about the reason why you want a snack. And it’s also about how you snack, taking your time to taste the flavours and textures, leaving distractions aside, and slowing the pace of eating so that you really enjoy what you’re eating and know when you’re full or satisfied. Tasting the subtlety of the flavors for example in chocolate will allow you to get the most satisfaction out of even a small portion.

State of Snacking

Mondelēz International's annual State of Snacking™ report is a global consumer trends study examining year-over-year insights on how consumers make snacking decisions. The fourth annual 2022 report reveals how current economic challenges are affecting consumer snacking choices around the world – with a majority of respondents continuing to prioritize snacking, despite rising costs and economic challenges.

The State of Snacking report, developed in partnership with consumer polling specialist The Harris Poll, complements Mondelēz International’s diverse, proprietary snacking insights knowledge– including macro trends from multiple sources informing the future of snacking and validating the company’s focus on delivering the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way.

Mondelez International Snacking Made Right

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