GSK’s 2016 Annual Report and Responsible Business Supplement

GSK is a science-led global healthcare company. Our mission is to help people do more, feel better and live longer. We do this by researching and developing medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products that improve people’s lives. By growing our business and extending access to our medicines, we are ensuring long-term commercial success as well as improving people’s health, creating value for our shareholders and delivering economic benefits to society.

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Health & Healthcare

Pricing Our Medicines to Help Ensure Patient Access
“I’m proud to work for the #1 most access-oriented company in the world, and here in the US we never launch a product without considering affordability for the patients who need it.” (Nick, Director, US Pricing)

Diversity & Inclusion

Building Future Leaders
“The best part of the Future Leaders Program is the focus on our development. Through on-the-job experiences, relationships, and formal training, the program is shaping us to become leaders at GSK. Through it all, the program not only reinforced my passion for developing my sales and marketing capabilities, but also revealed exciting career opportunities I didn’t know were there.” (Amber, Future Leaders Program Graduate)

Research, Reports & Publications

Changing the Way We Do Business
“If I sold cars or electronics, I might want to be rewarded based on my individual sales targets, but I educate physicians on respiratory products. I want to be rewarded based on my ability to effectively discuss the product that's best for the patient. I’m proud to represent GSK and be part of the #1 most trusted pharmaceutical salesforce in America.” (Dale, Sales Specialist)

Research, Reports & Publications

Designing Inspiring and Healthy Workplaces
“Our workplace design for the Philadelphia Navy Yard site has helped transform the level of energy and engagement of our employees. We want everyone at GSK to feel energized and inspired. We are in the process of taking our industry-leading design approach to the labs and creating modern, collaborative, flexible research and development workspaces for our scientists.” (Ray, Head, Workplace Design)

Health & Healthcare

Putting It Plainly
“As a practicing physician for over a decade and a lawyer committed to improving health policy, I understand patients want to see the results of studies they contributed to, sometimes to see if a medicine might benefit them, but often times because they want to help the next patient. Developing plain language summaries is a way to show our appreciation to patients who made important contributions to our studies and helps take GSK another step forward in our transparency journey.” (Jessica, M.D., Director, Medical Advocacy and Policy)

Health & Healthcare

Fast-Tracking Our Response to Pandemics
“In the wake of Ebola and Zika, there is consensus that the world needs to be better prepared for pandemics. Our new facility in Rockville is home to our proposed biopreparedness organization (BPO). We want the BPO to make an important contribution to improving global health preparedness.” (Rip, VP and Head, Slaoui Center for Vaccines Research)

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Helping Patients in Need
“Circumstances can change quickly and sometimes you can find yourself needing help to afford healthcare treatments, including prescriptions or immunizations. The last thing patients need during this stressful time is to navigate a complicated and bureaucratic system. Over the last year, we simplified the GSK Patient Assistance Program and consolidated information under one website so patients can more easily navigate our programs, determine eligibility and access their treatments at no cost.” (Emily, Sr. Director, Public Policy and Patient Assistance)

Health & Healthcare

Evolving Our Graduated Approach to Intellectual Property
“Every day in the lab, we do our part to advance the next treatment for cancer. But too many innovative medicines are out-of-reach for those suffering in the poorest parts of the world. I’m deeply moved to know that my friends in developing countries will likely have better access to our innovative medicines because of GSK’s flexible approach to patents.” (Mili, Ph.D., Investigator)


Hunting for Energy Savings
“Our R&D Places Program and energy hunts have improved the efficiency and reliability of our sites and led to substantial reductions in carbon emissions, water consumption and utility costs. For me, it’s humbling and meaningful to help GSK be a good steward of our precious natural resources.” (Nick, Global Lead Energy & Sustainability)


Creating Bricks and Benches Out of Medical Waste
“At GSK, we think differently about waste and see it as a potential resource. Our medical lab waste at our Upper Providence R&D site is upcycled into park benches and bricks. And our scientists not only help people do more, feel better, and live longer—they also provide a place to relax!” (Asali, Service Owner, Lab Services and Waste Management)

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