ESG Talk: Season Two


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SEC Climate Disclosure: Predictions and Preparation
In this episode of ESG Talk, David Kanarek, vice president and managing counsel at American Express, joins Workiva’s Mark Mellen and Steve Soter to discuss the SEC’s climate disclosure proposal.


ESG Talk: Finding Opportunity in Risk
Denise Vaughn, vice president of ESG at Ferguson Enterprises, and Christopher Lindsay, vice president of government relations for the International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials, join Workiva’s Mandi McReynolds.

Sustainable Development Goals

ESG Talk: Purpose vs. Performance
Denise Roberson, chief purpose officer at TBWA\Chiat\Day, joins Mandi McReynolds, Workiva’s head of global ESG, this week on ESG Talk. Denise and Mandi discuss what Mandi has coined the value versus values debate in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and how ESG reportin

Diversity & Inclusion

ESG Talk: DEI’s Role in Human Capital Management
Alicia Petross, chief diversity officer at The Hershey Company, joins Workiva’s Steve Soter in the latest episode of ESG Talk. Alicia and Steve discuss the labor shortage, how ESG reporting has evolved, and the connection between DEI and HCM.

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ESG Talk: Establishing a Common Language Around ESG
In this episode of ESG Talk, Workiva’s Mandi McReynolds is joined by Mark Horoszowski, co-founder and CEO of MovingWorlds. Mark and Mandi discuss how having a shared language around ESG will move business forward and finding common ground between business leaders and investors.

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Reflections From GreenBiz 23
In this week's episode of ESG Talk, host Mandi McReynolds shares her top three takeaways from GreenBiz 23—including data driven decision making and automation for ESG reporting.

Research, Reports & Publications

SEC Regulation is (Almost) Here
In this week’s episode of ESG Talk, Workiva’s resident accounting and regulatory reporting expert, Steve Soter, stops by to share his predictions for the SEC’s climate disclosure proposal, human capital management, and the future of ESG and financial reporting.

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ESG Talk: Getting Started With ESG
Consultants Harry Etra, chief executive officer of HXE Partners, and Peylina Chu, senior vice president of ESG Business Strategy at Antea Group, join Workiva’s Mandi McReynolds to explore what it takes to launch a successful ESG program.


Finding Your ESG Superpower
This week on ESG Talk, we’re reaching back into the vault to share one of our most popular episodes from season one. Si-Yeon Kim, former chief risk and compliance officer and executive chair of ESG at American Express Global Business Travel, joins Workiva's Mandi McReynolds.

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ESG Talk ft. Paul Druckman
Global accounting expert Paul Druckman joins Workiva’s Mandi McReynolds on the latest episode of the ESG Talk podcast. Mandi and Paul discuss sustainability, accountability, and why it might be time to rethink the title “CFO.”

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