Eric Hill's Global Odyssey with Dare Denim

Eric Hill's Global Odyssey with Dare Denim

Orta Sponsors Eric Hill’s Global Odyssey with Dare Denim

Eric Hill’s Global Odyssey is a mission: “To visit all 194 U.N. recognized countries in world record time and film and document the exciting journey to show that awesome exists in EVERY country, especially with the people.” Eric’s journey will be one of full cultural immersion, while simultaneously raising funds and awareness in partnership with a variety of charity organizations.

To aide him in his rough and tumble journey around the world Orta offers Dare Denim, a durable new textile that features environmentally friendly processes and high-tech fibers, tough durability, thermo-regulation, abrasion resistance, water repellent finishes and anti-bacterial properties.

What could be a more perfect pairing? An international socially conscious adventurer wearing sustainably produced all terrain fabric, sponsored by a Orta’s sustainability department. Eric will experience harsh climate extremes in both urban and natural environments, and Dare Denim covers him all fronts: hot, cold, wet, dirty and, not to mention, the perfect balance of comfort, style and endurance.

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