Energy Makeover

Reaching Out to NonProfit Organizations to Save Energy and Money





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Lao Family Center Saves 15 Percent on Energy Bills

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  1. Energy Makeover
    Reaching Out to NonProfit Organizations to Save Energy and Money
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    What does it take for today's corporations to be Built to Last? Xcel Energy's fourth annual Corporate Responsibility Report shares the company's view...
  3. Energy Efficiency
    Xcel Energy offers incentives for our electric and gas customers to save energy and money on both the business and residential sides.
  4. Growing the Use of Solar and Wind Power
    Xcel Energy's vision for a clean energy future includes expanding our use of renewable power at a reasonable cost to reduce emissions, diversify our...
  5. Xcel Energy Climate Action
    We are taking action to measure, report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  6. Chairman's Fund -- Ford Transit Connect Partnership
    Xcel Energy and a coalition of its customers were selected to be among the first in the country to receive the all-electric Ford Transit Connect...