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A Nonprofit Guide to Quantifying the Value of Pro Bono
Corporate skills-based volunteerism is on the rise. Today, 54% of companies are offering skills-based volunteering opportunities for their employees. This is good news all around. Good news for companies who are seeing tangible talent development returns; good news for employees who are reporting higher levels of engagement with their company and their community; and good news for nonprofits who are leveraging this influx of talent to build their capacity to serve.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Best Practices to Engage Harder to Reach Employees through Skills-Based Volunteering
At Common Impact, we know that skills-based volunteering is an effective employee engagement and talent development tool for all employees. Skills-based volunteering stretches employee’s current talents in a new environment, develops new skill sets including teamwork, navigating ambiguity, client focus, and much more. Recognizing these benefits may be more obvious for traditional employees, but we have found that skills-based volunteering can also be a powerful tactic to reach decentralized employees. Read on to learn more about how you can utilize skills-based volunteering to engage both remote and front-line employees.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Successful IT Volunteer Management
How valuable are volunteers to your organization’s technology infrastructure? Believe it or not, this question actually sparks some controversy. Not all nonprofits are comfortable engaging volunteers as a key technology resource because it’s often hard to know how skilled the volunteer is or whether the person will see a project through to completion.

Those are real concerns, but with smart management, there is more opportunity than ever to engage skilled technology volunteers—individuals want to do meaningful work and companies are learning that they truly can do well by doing good. A successful IT volunteer program can open up incredible opportunities to increase your operating capacity.

Social Impact & Volunteering

What You Need to Know to Make the Most of Corporate Pro Bono Opportunities at Your Nonprofit
A large company in your community wants to partner with your nonprofit. You’re excited – this partnership could pave the way for new funding, fill knowledge gaps at your organization, and raise your nonprofit’s profile in the community. The company loves your mission and wants to know how their employees can help. They have some ideas for volunteer service, and can articulate what they want their employees to get out of the experience – but they’ll look to you to define if and how their employees can meaningfully contribute to your mission. Are you ready?

Social Impact & Volunteering

The Power of Skills-Based Volunteerism

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What's Next for Good Business?

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