Cadence Awards 38 Diversity Scholarships to Students in Technology

Jan 17, 2022 10:00 AM ET

Cadence is thrilled to launch the first installment in our four-part blog series, spotlighting the outstanding recipients of our 2021 Diversity in Technology Scholarship program.

This marks the fourth year for our Women in Technology Scholarship program and the second year for our Latinx and Black Students in Technology Scholarship programs. Because we believe the exchange of diverse experiences and ideas leads to greater innovation and collaboration, we have created these scholarship programs to support underrepresented groups in their pursuit of careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

We awarded scholarships to 38 brilliant students—a record number! We have selected 22 recipients for our Cadence Women in Technology Scholarship program, and eight recipients each for our Black Students in Technology Scholarship program and Latinx Students in Technology Scholarship program.

Scholarship winners were selected based on their impressive academic achievements, leadership, and drive to shape the world of technology. All recipients are currently pursuing a technology-related degree, such as computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, and electronic engineering, and came highly recommended by their professors and advisors.

We are excited to see the huge impact these young leaders will make on the future of technology and look forward to sharing more about their individual journeys in our next three posts.

Congratulations to the 38 recipients of our 2021 Diversity in Technology Scholarships!

Black Students in Technology

Latinx Students in Technology

Women in Technology

Liban Hussein, 

University of Washington

Gustavo Camero,

Carnegie Mellon University

Richelle Smith,

Stanford University

Gift Nyikayaramba,

Stanford University

Patricia Garcia,

University of Southern California

Marium Rasheed,

Utah State University

John Watkins,

Stanford University

Rebecca Pattichis,

Stanford University

Yingying Fan,

Rice University

Ledornubari Nwilene,

Drexel University

Ryan Canales,

Clemson University

Kathleen Feng,

Stanford University

Kyle Johnson,

University of Washington

Elizabeth Vasquez,

Stanford University

Aparna Kumar,

Columbia University

Oluwafikunwa Kolawole,

Stanford University

Oliver Rodas,

Duke University

Mandovi Mukherjee,

Georgia Institute of Technology

Shergaun Ziko Roserie,

Howard University

Raul Gonzalez,

California Polytechnic State University, Pomona


Stanford University

Obidike Nnorom Jr,

Stanford University

Valeria Gutierrez,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Iliana Bray,

Stanford University



Sneha D Goenka,

Stanford University



Laila Fighera Marzall,

University of Colorado Boulder



Fernanda Ferreira Fontenele,

Cornell University



Renata Saha,

University of Minnesota Twin Cities



Japnit Kaur Ahuja,

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology



Anara Myrzabekova,

University of California, Berkeley



Yamuna Phal,

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Priya Mishra,

Stanford University



Michella Rustom,

University of Southern California



Samantha Coday,

University of California, Berkeley



Alexia Atsidakou,

University of Texas at Austin



Emily Anaya,

Stanford University



Sreshtaa Rajesh,

Brown University


Jayashree Adivarahan,

Arizona State University