#BusinessCase: Employee Innovations Help ConAgra Save 97M Gallons of Water, 15M Pounds of Packaging - and $70M

by Sustainable Brands
Mar 13, 2015 2:00 PM ET

Originally Published on SustainableBrands.com

A growing number of companies large and small are finding they can save substantial amounts of money by optimizing various aspects of their operations, thereby proving the previously elusive business case for sustainability. The latest example: ConAgra Foods.

This week, the consumer products giant announced the winners of its 2015 Sustainable Development Awards, an internal awards program that drives and rewards imaginative approaches to sustainability that produce bottom-line business results. The 82 entries received this year collectively:

  • Eliminated 58,700 tons of waste
  • Optimized and improved packaging, using 15 million pounds less material
  • Conserved more than 97 million gallons of water
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 11,500 metric tons.

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