Burbank YMCA Reveals Mural “For All”

By Thomas Chavira
Jun 8, 2018 11:30 AM ET
(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Originally published by MyBurbank.com

The YMCA of Burbank has received a youthful facelift on the side of their building located on Magnolia Boulevard and 3rd Street.

Nickelodeon, as part of a philanthropy project their interns undertake every semester, has provided the Burbank YMCA with a colorful and large mural that decorates the west side of their building facing the parking lot.

Typically, the murals are designed for schools. This time around, however, the interns felt the Burbank YMCA served as the perfect platform for their altruistic work.

“We wanted to branch out and paint one for an organization that reached a broader audience, which is why we went with the Burbank YMCA”, said Lindsay Anderson, Community Efforts intern. “The Y caters to just about everyone and we were so excited to be able to create something for all of their patrons to see and enjoy whenever they stop by.”

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