Building Confidence Through the Cadence Returnship Program

Nov 29, 2022 9:00 AM ET

Originally posted on Cadence blogs

Re-entering the high-tech field after taking a break to prioritize family can be overwhelming. When Sanjita, Lead Application Engineer and Cadence Returnship alum, was ready to re-enter the workforce, she had to learn to navigate new technological developments and trends. The industry moves fast, and even after a few short years, Sanjita needed the time and support to seamlessly transition back into working. Sanjita found the Cadence Returnship Program at a point in her life when she was ready to get back into the high-tech industry. 

When Sanjita left the workforce, she had worked in multiple engineering roles with high-tech companies. She has always been passionate about developing the technology of the future, so she kept up with industry trends through networking events and conferences when she could, even while she cared full-time for her children. In networking, she discovered how the industry was transforming and how more and more companies were hiring Returnship candidates.  

Watch Sanjita tell her story and learn how her journey to Returnship re-ignited her sense of purpose and self-confidence.   

The Cadence Returnship Program was started to re-engage parents, caretakers, and individuals ready to get back in the field after a break from the industry to parent, provide care, or serve in the military. Over the 16-week program, returnees familiarize themselves with new technologies, collaborate across teams, identify new innovations, and network with peers. In many cases, returnees are offered a full-time position upon completion of the program. To apply for the program, please visit our job openings page.  

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