Brands Taking Stands Newsletter, 5/22/18

May 22, 2018 9:00 AM ET

LGBTQ Rights on the Line

The Big Story
"The Big Story" in this week’s edition of the Brands Taking Stands Newsletter focuses on the issue of companies supporting LGBTQ rights. The issue continues to be a crossroads for private-public conflict, as business pushes back against public policy perceived as discriminatory. This kind of legislation runs counter to stepped up efforts by companies to expand—not contract—diversity, now seen as increasingly critical in recruiting and retaining the best talent for a future workforce. Studies show that a majority of Millennials support LGBTQ rights protections. The bottom line: research shows that companies who supported LGBTQ employees outperformed a global index. Read the full story here.

News You Can Use
Other "News You Can Use" stories in this week’s edition offer insights on CEO leadership, governance, and the trend to combine risk and compliance functions with ESG and human rights programs.

C-Suite Comments
"C-suite comments" features a statement by James Massey, Global Vice President Sustainability Engagement and Strategy, AstraZeneca.

People on the Move
“People on the Move” reports on changes at Barclays.

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