Booster® Brings Mobile Energy Delivery to Four New Cities

Sep 13, 2022 4:55 PM ET
Booster's service professionals deliver fuel directly from the terminal to the vehicle.

As the energy transition barrels forward alongside the growing prominence of ESG-focused sustainability, fleet owners increasingly look to maximize efficiencies, reduce carbon and open access to alternative sustainable energy. In response to the growing recognition that adopting a mobile fueling model can help to accomplish all three, Booster® — the leading mobile energy delivery company — is expanding its service to Portland, Ore., Philadelphia, Boston and Phoenix, according to a recent article from GeekWire.

Well-versed in fueling fleets both large and small, Booster partners with companies including Amazon, UPS, and Imperfect Foods to eliminate the fueling errand from the workload of fleet managers and fleet drivers. Mobile energy delivery offers a better alternative to the traditional fleet fueling model, which relies on either pollution-heavy and capital-intensive on-site fueling infrastructure, or on individual and frequent trips to the gas station by each fleet vehicle. 

Instead, Booster’s mobile fueling on demand model offers the ability for fleet managers to order fuel with a website, phone call or app, to then be delivered on-site to each fleet vehicle in non-operating hours. The service boasts up to a 14% reduction in carbon emissions, access to sustainable fuels not usually offered by gas stations, and significant savings on labor cost and time.

Geekwire quotes Booster co-founder and CEO Frank Mycroft, who explains that energy-as-a-service will become increasingly critical “given the shifts in the global energy landscape — rising fuel costs, growing challenges and delays around wide-scale electrification, concerns about supply chain disruption.” 

As they navigate these myriad stressors, fleet owners and managers are increasingly looking for reliable energy delivery to help reduce these pain points. Booster’s coast-to-coast expansion brings them a flexible, innovative solution in what is soon to become 13 major cities.