Bloomberg partner CDP launches their US Climate Change Report

Nov 19, 2015 7:00 AM ET
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Wall Street is waking up to climate-conscious investing. Financial giants are acquiring investment boutiques and quickly building departments to address environmental opportunities and risks.

  The world’s largest asset managers are designing products that capture the full returns of the S&P500 and other indexes but with half of their greenhouse gas emissions, and adding green bonds to their fund offerings. And now, ratings agencies and index makers are planning to use the tools they developed for climate-based products to rate mainstream stock indexes, corporate bonds, and mutual funds.   Bloomberg terminals feature CDP data, scores and rankings in its Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) section, which gets some 718 million data hits per month. There are more than 20,000 regular users of ESG data on the Bloomberg platform, double the number in April 2014, when usage accelerated.   “The field would not be where it is today without CDP,” said Curtis Ravenel, global head, sustainable business & finance for Bloomberg LP, whose terminals display CDP data, scoring and rankings that feed into new financial tools and products. “They mobilized the investment community to recognize climate change and to drive disclosure from companies.”

please read the full report here.