Bloomberg London Building Opening Highlights: Video & News Round Up

Nov 1, 2017 1:10 PM ET

Bloomberg London Building Opening Highlights

The opening of Bloomberg's new European headquarter is making media waves:

  • Dezeen touted the building as a "vote of confidence in London
  • Channel 4 spoke with Mike in the new building
  • On CNN Mike opened up about what makes the building so incredible
  • London's Evening Standard calls "a triumph of green design and a lesson in good manners for future development in the Square Mile"
  • The Financial Times calls the building "an important contribution to the annals of sustainability"
  • The Guardian sings the office praises "Given that few companies would be brave enough to do this much, gratitude is in order."
  • The BBC probes the question, "Is Lord Foster's new creation the ultimate office building?"

Watch highlights from the building opening here

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