Bloomberg and CSRHub Webinar – Solving the ESG Data Challenge

Oct 16, 2018 10:45 AM ET
Campaign: ESGHub by CSRHub

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With the increased demand for ESG (environment, social, governance) data and conflicting opinions on company performance by different data providers, investors are searching for ways to measure ESG, variance among different ESG ratings and correlations between leading datasets. 

Join us Wednesday, October 24th at 11:00 am EDT to help solve your ESG data challenges. Patrick Drum, Senior Investment Analyst for Saturna Capital will share his investment strategy tips. 

The strategy session will be followed up by a panel of ESG experts who will discuss how to successfully navigate the evolving landscape of ESG data using the new ESGHub app at APPS ESGH <GO>.

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Featured speakers

Patrick Drum
Senior Investment Analyst
Saturna Capital

  Cynthia Figge
CEO and Cofounder
CSRHub   Bahar Gidwani
Cofounder and CTO
CSRHub   Discussion Topics
  • Make sense of the broad array of information with a big data approach
  • Discuss a new class of portfolio analysis tools to increase value and reduce risk
  • Explore new strategies for using ESG information

Date & Time

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
11:00am – 11:30pm EDT

About the app
The ESGHubTM app allows you to quickly review any portfolio of stocks or bonds and see how much ESG information each originating entity has disclosed. 

Test drive the ESGHub app for free before the webinar by running APPS ESGH <GO> on your Bloomberg Terminal.

About the business
The Bloomberg App Portal is your destination for the applications you need to optimize your workflow, better analyze the markets, and stay ahead of the curve. The apps on the App portal have been created by world class analytics companies and global investment banks, all integrated with the powerful data and analytics of the Bloomberg Terminal. Visit APPS <GO> today to search, trial and run apps that can help you stay on top.