Blog: Houston Students Learn about Energy and Safety

Blog: Houston Students Learn about Energy and Safety

TransCanada was a proud sponsor of the 2013 Houston Energy Day last month, where elementary and middle-school children came to learn about various forms of energy and understand how the company keeps it pipelines safe
Monday, November 4, 2013 - 11:15am


More than 20,000 youngsters, their parents and teachers gathered around Houston City Hall in Hermann Square for the third annual Houston Energy Day. TransCanada was the title sponsor of the day-long event that promoted energy awareness for elementary and middle-school age children.

Taking center stage was TransCanada’s large display that featured several interactive stations where children could learn about energy and the steps the company takes to ensure the safe operations of its pipelines. New this year was a thermal imaging camera display where students were encouraged to put on a lab coat and work with TransCanada employees like John Cordaway.

“We showed students how the cameras help us detect temperature difference,” said Cordaway “When a temperature difference is seen but not anticipated, we investigate further to ensure a safer operation.”

Another important tool TransCanada uses and demonstrated is a gas imaging camera which also uses infrared technology. If gas escapes from a pipeline, even though the gas is invisible to us, the camera can see it. Once gas is detected crews take necessary steps to make repairs.

Other activities at the TransCanada tent include an interactive iPad station where students played an energy game showing that it takes many forms of energy to power a whole city.

“You can clearly see that these activities are children focused,” said David Holt, CEO of Consumer Energy Alliance, the creator and sponsor of Houston Energy Day, which attracted 70 energy companies. “TransCanada’s displays invited children to have a hands-on experience so that they can see how energy is managed and the steps taken to keep everyone safe.”

This year marked the third time that TransCanada has supported the event. “We continue to be proud of our premier sponsorship of Houston Energy Day,” said Dean Ferguson, senior vice-president and general manager for TransCanada’s U.S. Pipelines operations. “We are proud of our premier sponsorship of Houston Energy Day and we’re eager to encourage young people to one day consider a career in the fields of science and engineering through hands-on learning about what we do. It’s fun, innovative and educational.”

Watch a video about 2013 Houston Energy Day on TransCanada's blog.

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