Better Care for a Better World With Kimberly-Clark

May 23, 2023 9:28 AM ET
Podcast guest Alison Lewis

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Each of Kimberly-Clark’s brands has a brilliant purpose that guides everything they do. From focusing on environmental impact to supporting and enabling women to break down barriers to opportunity, Kimberly-Clark equips its brands to provide Better Care for a Better World.

One way is through Kotex’s She Can Initiative. While the brand focuses on raising awareness around Menstrual Hygiene Day each year, it also champions women’s progress year-round by fighting period stigmas and the barriers they cause. Projects have included producing a film depicting how period stigma nearly stopped the first woman soccer referee, creating a “She Can Anthem,” and changing the color of the fluid used in product marketing.

We invited Alison Lewis, Chief Growth Officer, to discuss how Kimberly-Clark operates with its purpose-led, performance-driven approach and how it ultimately influences culture through its purpose.

Listen for insights on:

  • Inspiring innovation with purpose
  • Activating brand purpose to challenge stigmas
  • Opening social impact work to other collaborators
  • Creating and maintaining a purpose-led, performance-driven culture

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