The Basics: Personal Sustainability 101

Apr 1, 2010 4:34 PM ET

Taiga Company Blog

While sustainability concepts are becoming clearer, personal definitions of sustainability and drivers that inspire eco action are often very different.  Our personal consulting has taught us: what works for one may not be the right fit for another.  

Personal sustainability programs are about making and sustaining a change in your life that you can be inspired and passionate about.  Although a sustainability plan originates as a comprehensive one, your actions are the expression of that plan in daily life.  Eco actions can be anything from riding a bike to work or using eco-friendly office supplies to eating organic healthy meals or recycling.  It can also be about achieving a personal goal, sustaining it, and building from that platform.  Ultimately, it's about making choices that feel good to you and generate an expectation of more and better to come in your life and the environment.   The basic premise of a personal sustainability program is reducing your carbon footprint; lighten the load on the planet as well as be good to yourself, others, and your community.    Click here to continue reading.