Baltic Sea Clean Marine Award for AIDA Cruises

Baltic Sea Clean Marine Award for AIDA Cruises

LNG Hybrid Barge recognized as a contribution to environmentally friendly infrastructure in the Baltic region

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Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 1:25pm

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On February 13, 2014, AIDA Cruises and Becker Marine Systems, "environmentally friendly infrastructure development" award for its innovative concept of LNG Hybrid Barge with the Baltic Sea Clean Marine Award in the category in the Baltic region. The prize awarded by the Baltic Sea Forum in collaboration with the European InnoShip project award recognizes innovative ideas, projects and solutions that contribute to the protection of the Baltic Sea as a particularly sensitive ecosystem. The prize was presented as part of the Parliamentary Evening of AIDA Cruises and the State Chancellery Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to the Federal Government in Berlin.

Uwe Döring, Head of the Baltic Sea Forum, said: "The BSCM Award, has the aim of promoting projects that contribute to the reduction or elimination of emissions in ship and port operations in the Baltic. The concept of hybrid LNG barge has convinced the jury. Highly flexible and thus contributes to the development of an environmentally friendly infrastructure. In addition, emissions are reduced significantly by the power supply by means of liquid gas. The LNG Hybrid Barge is an important contribution to environmental and climate protection in the Baltic region. "

The concept of LNG Hybrid Barge 
which is necessary for the operation of the cruise ship energy is no longer generated on board the ship with diesel engines, but on the floating LNG Hybrid Barge (a EURO 2-Light) in combined heat and power engines and generators using liquefied petroleum gas (LNG Liquified Natural Gas). The current thus obtained is flexible, depending on demand, fed into the grid of the cruise ship.

In comparison to the use of conventional marine diesel with 0.1 percent sulfur content of the emissions are reduced significantly in energy production by means of LPG to LNG Hybrid Barge: The emission of sulfur oxides and soot particles is avoided entirely. The emission of nitrogen oxides is reduced by up to 80 percent of carbon dioxide emissions by a further 30 percent.     

The jury 
The jury of BSCM Award 2013 included distinguished experts such as Olof Widen, Chairman Finnish Shipowners; Heidi L. Neilson, Head of Environment, Port of Oslo; Markku Mylly, Director of European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA); Tommy Halén, CEO Trelleborg AB Hamn; Ralf Nagel, CEO of the Association of German shipowner; Prof. Dr. Ehlers, a board member of the Baltic Sea Forum, a D President of BSH; Dr. Ulrich Bauermeister, Managing Port Development Rostock mbH.

About AIDA Cruises 
As a shipping company and organizer operates and markets AIDA Cruises currently has 10 cruise ships, one of the most modern fleets in the world. The ships are operated to the highest international quality, environmental, and safety standards. By 2016 the AIDA fleet will grow to twelve ships. (

About Becker Marine Systems 
The Hamburg-based company is the market leader for high performance rudder and products in the field of maneuvering for each type of ship. Becker rudder systems are as a fixture on the world market established and are the first choice for supertankers and container ships, passenger ferries, large cruise ships and luxury yachts dar. ( )