The Automated Personal Touch

The Automated Personal Touch

It's not actually an oxymoron!
Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 8:30am


We talk to a lot of folks who have one major concern about an online corporate giving program. They worry that once all requests are managed online, they might lose that personal touch.  Gone would be the friendly follow up call, the personal email or handwritten note.  Once the system goes online, everything is automated, is the common fear.  Depending on the solution you choose, nothing could be further from the truth.  

One thing Versaic clients rave about is the flexibility to do things exactly the way they want and implement that personal touch in the manner that works for them.  For some clients, high touch is crucial; for others, speed and efficiency are key.  With Versaic, either is fine and in fact, you don't have to pick a single way to interact with your constituents.  You can adopt various approaches depending on the situation.

While we do understand why some are wary of an online process (I balk at change myself sometimes!), we’re happy to share our thoughts on this common misconception and the myriad ways that a standardized system enhances a team's personal connection with the community.  Here are a few examples:

1. Transparent - Make it easier for community organizations to interact with you. Since you'll have a clearly stated online process, they’ll know your programs and guidelines as well as exactly where to send their proposals.

2.  Streamlined -  Don’t waste time requesting additional information or manually forwarding requests internally.  The right online solution will ensure that all requests contain needed information and are routed properly. You'll spend more time making better decisions and building meaningful community partnerships.

3.  Personalized  - Some of our clients use the Versaic system simply as a database where everything related to corporate giving is tracked and managed. Instead of sending email notifications, they call each and every requestor to notify them of their final decision, whether it’s an approval or a decline.

So in reality, the biggest cause for concern is continuing to field requests via phone, email, snail mail and FAX.   The chances of things slipping through the cracks is extremely high and nothing says I don't care like dropping the ball on a request that means the world to one of your community partners.  By making your program more effective and automating all the routine stuff, your personal touch will really matter.