Arrow Electronics Supports Tech Pals Enrich Seniors Lives through their Virtual Reality Silver Program

Sep 7, 2023 12:55 PM ET

Seniors living in Boulder, Colo. are using virtual reality (VR) in a learning and enrichment research program with the support of Arrow Electronics.

The program known as VR Silver is being developed by Tech Pals, a Colorado-based nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of older adults through technology. The program is meant to determine best practices for delivering VR experiences to seniors without regard for financial status, physical limitations, or geographical location.

The city of Boulder Older Adult Services has partnered with Tech Pals to offer online classes and in-person workshops at the Age Well Centers. These programs address a wide range of topics that support older adults learning and using technology.

Compassionate Hospice Care, located in Broomfield, Colorado will also partner with Tech Pals to bring VR Silver to patients. “VR Silver is an incredible tool to enrich the lives of our patients. Compassionate Hospice is excited to bring a new experience to patients that will help them meet their emotional and psychosocial needs,” said Irma Sandoval, volunteer and intake coordinator at Compassionate Hospice Care.

Lessons and experiences include scuba diving, fishing, Tai Chi, nature treks and light saber sword play.

The VR benefits that Tech Pals is studying include physical exercise, cognitive stimulation, pain management, stress reduction and neurorehabilitation.

“Arrow’s support makes a profound difference in the lives of older adults, allowing them to embrace the wonders of technology and discover newfound possibilities,” said Tech Pals President and Founder Leah Baum.

Arrow Electronics has supported Tech Pals since 2019. Previously, Arrow helped the nonprofit sign up low-income older adults for affordable internet service, distributed hundreds of free Chromebooks to seniors, and provided them with technology training and device support.

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