April is Child Abuse Prevention Month: Make It Matter

by Sangeeta Haindl
Apr 13, 2015 5:00 PM ET
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These are stark, grim figures from the U.S government: an estimated 1,770 children were killed as a result of maltreatment in 2009, while a 2011 congressional report concluded the real number could be nearer 2,500. Disturbingly, America has one of the worst child abuse record in the industrialised world. Now, recent figures show that child abuse and neglect affects over one million children every year, costing the country $220 million every day. Helping to raise awareness about this chilling issue is America’s Charities, which is working with one of its member charities, Prevent Child Abuse America, during Child Abuse Prevention Month, which is April. Prevent Child Abuse America has worked for over 40 years to ensure the healthy development of children and the prevention of child abuse and neglect across the States.

Child abuse and neglect takes many forms. The abuse can be physical, emotional or sexual; various types of neglect may include physical, emotional or medical. Unfortunately, children are sometimes exposed to extreme and sustained stress, which can undermine a child's development. The abuse has a devastating effect on the lives of victims' families, as it is has a far deeper impact that is felt beyond the relatives and friends. Abused children are 74 times more likely to commit crimes against others and six times more likely to maltreat their own children, according to the Texas Association for the Protection of Children. 

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