APP Advances Zero Deforestation, One Audit at a Time

Jul 1, 2015 9:00 AM ET
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Preventing the destruction of natural forests is a top priority for Asia Pulp and Paper. The company has engaged NGOs, government officials, and local communities to assist in their efforts to build comprehensive programs and zero deforestation policies. In 2014, APP worked with the Rain Forest Alliance to perform an audit on their programs and to assess the progress that has been made since original targets for sustainable operations were set. The audit supplied a “moderate” rating on the company's progress and provided feedback on key issues that the Alliance thought needed to be addressed. Many in the media took this as an opportunity to provide additional insights, comments, and criticisms.

While they’ve been disparaged in the past by some for not moving quickly enough to achieve ambitious goals, APP is moving forward, and with an all-out effort: they have more programs in this area than any company I’ve talked to or read about. The people at APP really are fighting the good fight for sustainability.

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Photos: Kelly Eisenhardt