Amplifying the Call for Help

Jul 25, 2018 10:05 AM ET

As featured in the 2018 Comcast NBCUniversal Corporate Social Responsibility Re…

To truly make a difference during a disaster, we know providing information — from the latest weather updates and best evacuation routes to tips for people staying in place — is just step one. Step two is action. Our 2017 news coverage emphasized the magnitude of the challenges faced by people in affected areas. It also helped mobilize citizen action as we connected viewers with relief organizations offering financial and logistical aid.

Opening the nation’s eyes to the dire circumstances, infrastructure damage, and human struggle was vital to rallying support.

On September 12, we set the stage for a massive outreach effort. The Hand in Hand benefit brought the country together to raise money for the victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The star-studded show was filmed in multiple locations across the United States, from Los Angeles to San Antonio to Nashville, and aired on ABC, CBS, CMT, FOX, and NBC. Celebrities such as Beyoncé, George Strait, Jamie Foxx, George Clooney, and Barbra Streisand either appeared onstage or sent in recorded messages — ultimately helping to raise more than $62 million.

Our locally owned NBC and Telemundo stations, along with the Telemundo network, also joined the efforts, raising more than $12 million.

By using our company’s unique assets, we were able to make monetary and in-kind donations of our services, advertising, and airtime to help affected communities. 

In total, we helped raise more than $130 million for the victims of the three hurricanes, the wildfires in Northern California, and the earthquake in Mexico. Comcast NBCUniversal directly provided cash contributions of nearly $4 million to support relief efforts.

We are deeply proud of the efforts throughout our company and inspired by the overwhelming generosity of our audiences and customers.

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