Alcatel-Lucent Mexico is Filled with Toys

Alcatel-Lucent Mexico is Filled with Toys

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 10:20am

Can you imagine looking at 2,769 meters of new toys? This is what our toys collection campaign has gathered for over 10 years, nearly 3 kilometers or nearly 2 miles!

Yearly, during the month of April, a sense of excitement and renewed energy fills up the offices of Alcatel-Lucent Mexico. With great enthusiasm our employees wait for the Alcatel-Lucent annual new toys collection, celebrating Children's Day on April 30th. This year, our goal was to gather 280 meters of toys, and thanks to the enthusiasm and participation of our employees, we gathered 281.6 meters, to benefit more than 400 children of 3 different institutions and causes.

This 2014 our collection reached 10 years of bringing new toys to those who need us most: boys and girls of all ages, from babies to 15 year old teenagers, all of them living under different circumstances, with different needs, such as children who suffer from cancer, from scarce economic backgrounds, orphans and children with disabilities.

The employees donated the toys during the 2 days of the collection at Alcatel-Lucent’s Mexico City premises, either individually or in teams. The toys were then formed in a line to be measured at the end of the day. The employees walked away with big smiles and a sense of accomplishment after leaving their toys, knowing how much excitement they will bring to the 400 beneficiaries. At the end of the campaign, the Alcatel-Lucent Mexico Communication team classified and wrapped the toys in bags for each child, depending on their age and gender.

Alcatel-Lucent employees went to the recipient institutions to personally deliver the toys and together they had a great party with typical piñatas and candy. What an amazing feeling it is to see the smiles of the children waiting to hear their names and get their bags; is it a doll or a tea set? Is it a balloon or an action figure?

This achievement and prior years have only been possible by the generous donations of employees of Alcatel-Lucent Mexico who always do their best to reach the goal, surpassing it in many occasions and making many children happy.

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