AIDA Cruises and Becker Marine Systems for Environmentally Friendly Power Supply in the Port of Hamburg

AIDA Cruises and Becker Marine Systems for Environmentally Friendly Power Supply in the Port of Hamburg

Ordered Engines for LNG Hybrid Barge

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Note: The following press release has been translated from German to English. Please excuse any grammatical errors. 

Monday, May 6, 2013 - 10:10am

May 6, 2013 /3BL Media/ - To kick off the port of Hamburg Birthday announce AIDA Cruises and Becker Marine Systems to have now ordered the engines for their LNG Hybrid Barge. In order to give the company the go-ahead for the construction of the floating gas-fired power plant, which will allow for a more environmentally friendly energy supply of cruise ships at berth in the Port of Hamburg. "AIDA Cruises and Becker Marine Systems have the LNG Hybrid Barge a pioneering concept for environmental friendly energy supply of cruise ships launched. With the motor is ordered, we have passed the stage of planning behind us and now begin with the actual implementation of the project, "said Dirk Lehmann, CEO of Becker Marine Systems. The commissioning of the LNG Hybrid Barge is currently scheduled for 2014. Monika Griefahn, Director of Environment and Society, AIDA Cruises, is convinced that the cruise line with their contribution to the realization of the LNG Hybrid Barge in this year is an especially sustainable 'contribution to Hafengeburtstag "We want to play a pioneering role in the cruise industry in terms of environmental protection continue. The reductions in emissions while in port times is a challenge for all shipping companies. We have this thought with our partners and jointly developed a solution that we will significantly reduce the emissions of our ships. We therefore make an important contribution to climate and environmental protection in Hamburg. " In comparison to the use of conventional marine diesel with 0.1 percent sulfur content of the emissions are reduced again significantly in energy production by means of LPG to LNG Hybrid Barge: Emissions of sulfur oxides and soot particles is avoided entirely. The emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) is reduced by up to 80 percent of carbon dioxide emissions by a further 30 percent. 's enormous potential for saving emissions while in port time is clear when one considers that the AIDA ships about 40 percent of their time spend in ports. In the cruise season 2013, the cruise line listed alone in the harbor of Hamburg 73 attempts. LNG Hybrid Barge may in future be used as required flexibility at Hamburg Cruise Terminal. The first ship in the fleet AIDAsol is to dock to the floating gas-fired power plant in the port of Hamburg. In addition to Hamburg more ports already have expressed general interest in the LNG Hybrid Barge. Rostock / Hamburg, 06.05.2013

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