Advancing Leaders Through Innovation: Recognizing Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May 2, 2024 9:00 AM ET
T. Rowe Price Associates
T. Rowe Price Associates: Advancing Leaders Through Innovation

As we recognize Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Island (AANHPI) Heritage Month, we celebrate the richness and dynamism of the Asian and Pacific Island community. With backgrounds hailing from East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the diasporic communities of these regions, this large and diverse global population represents 50 ethnic groups and speaks more than 100 languages. 

This year’s AANHPI Heritage Month theme recognizes members of this community who have shaped our history and continue to influence our collective future. AANHPI leaders use their ingenuity and creativity to make lasting contributions to global economic prosperity, technological advancements, and social and political change—while also often navigating cultural and systemic hurdles.

Here, a few of our associates share the importance of advancing leaders through innovation:

Mavis Fernandes, Senior Offer Manage, Individual Investor Advice Solutions and MOSAIC @ T. Rowe Price’s Asian Heritage Community Chair

At T. Rowe Price, Asian Americans strive to be more than technical experts in their fields. Across the firm, we demonstrate innovation in small and large increments, leading efforts to grow, scale, and serve our clients. As chair of the MOSAIC’s associate-led Asian Heritage Community, we have used novel approaches to reach our associates, including online learning platforms, chat groups, and virtual mentoring circles, continuing to create a sense of inclusion and belonging. Advancing leaders will require that we continue to spend time listening to the needs of associates and clients and find ways to identify and elevate great ideas across all levels of the organization.

Lee Sun, Analyst, Vice President, Fixed Income

From boardrooms to beyond, innovation helps us advance, shaping a future where every voice matters. Unlocking the power of innovation relies on embracing diverse perspectives, promoting forward-thinking strategies, and harnessing cultural and technological insights. As innovators and pioneers, AANHPI ancestors have made outsized contribution for what’s possible today. Looking ahead, AANHPI leaders can leverage their unique heritage to inspire change, disrupt norms, and pave the way for a more inclusive and dynamic future in leadership. Join the movement and dare to innovate, because together, we are limitless.

Stephy Wong, Senior Project Manager, Global Distribution

As an individual of Asian descent, the theme of Advancing Leaders Through Innovation embodies the journey of the countless leaders who have carved out their place in history by harnessing their creativity and ingenuity. For us, innovation isn't just a means to an end; it is a vehicle for overcoming barriers, driving positive change, and leaving a lasting impact on society. This year’s theme celebrates our ability to navigate complex landscapes while reshaping narratives, and it inspires me to continue pushing boundaries and fostering progress in my own endeavors.

Harold Wu, Head of Procurement

Intentionality is key to enjoying the career journey and finding purpose. In the realm of procurement, embracing intentionality has the power to transform our business and the communities we serve.

Our goal is not merely to provide a service, but to create opportunities and ensure fairness and equity in the process. This transformative potential should inspire us all. Supply chain inclusion is an intentional effort driven by leadership to include one or more historically underrepresented businesses in our procurement process, and to support their growth as suppliers. These programs can build strong business relationships and create meaningful change that impacts the newest entrepreneurs to the most seasoned small business owners. They can uncover new approaches, diverse ideas, and innovations for the future. By institutionalizing a procurement-driven initiative with meaningful intention, we can break down obstacles and provide opportunities for all.

As we recognize AANHPI Heritage Month and other celebrations of diversity, we invite you to learn more about our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and how our differences bring us together and multiply our impact at