Achieving the Right “Calorie Balance” in Cities: Health, Community, and Energy

Posted by Hidetomo Nagata
Nov 12, 2014 4:15 PM ET

The Great Energy Challenge Energy Blog

Japan is now facing three major issues: the aging population, the decline of region’s economy, and the energy stability after the Tohoku earthquake. I worked on tackling these issues as part of a “smart city” project in Kashiwanoha, 15 miles (25 kilometers) northeast of Tokyo. (See related comments made by Mr. Nagata and others at this related post about a live discussion on these issues hosted last month in Tokyo by National Geographic and Shell.   A newly developed urban area by Mitsui Fudosan, through partnership between the public sector, private sector, and academia, the Kashiwanoha project is using new concepts and technologies to create a city that achieves three key attributes, in line with Japan’s issues: a place of health and longevity, of industry growth, and of environmental harmony.   Continue reading on The Great Energy Challenge Energy Blog.