Accelerating the Future of Packaging With Pack Studios

Feb 22, 2023 10:50 AM ET

“Our ability to connect a global network of experts across the industry allows innovative packaging solutions to be created, tested, and commercialized in a faster and more accurate way.”

Our future is circular

We believe the optimal future for people and planet, is a circular future. One where resources are not lost as waste, and never end up in the environment. At Dow, we are creating industrial ecosystems that transform waste and close the loop. We know packaging can contribute to a safe, sustainable world and vibrant circular economy. Pack Studios enables the future of packaging to be realized today.

We are accelerating the future of packaging

Innovation and collaboration are strongly connected. Pack Studios is where we connect all voices and aspects of the global packaging industry to accelerate the development of sustainable packaging innovation. Pack Studios allows us to design, develop and test new packaging at a pilot-scale, to quickly discover packaging solutions that are as effective as they are sustainable. We can design for circularity, and explore new ways to incorporate recycled materials and those made with renewable feedstocks. And it all happens in a collaborative environment where original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), converters, designers and brand owners, such as Nestle Purina, are able to work together efficiently and effectively.

“The positive partnership with Dow enabled us to imagine future solutions to transform packaging that was hard to recycle into simpler, more sustainable packaging that can be recycled. All of that without losing the characteristics of freshness during the product’s entire shelf life.”

Pack Studios provides access to technical expertise and capabilities such as fabrication lines, sensory analytics, prototyping and application testing—all of which can assist in facilitating the focused development of improved packaging. Since different products require different packaging needs, Pack Studios enables customers to work alongside Dow materials science experts to create sustainable packaging solutions tailored to their needs using ground-breaking technologies.

We are accelerating the future of packaging, and it's happening now.

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