8 Gifts You Can Make at Home

8 Gifts You Can Make at Home

Make your own gifts to save money and resources.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013 - 6:00am

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My husband and I have a tradition around this time of year: Each year we make a big batch of some sort of edible gift, and package it beautifully to give to every member of our family. In the past it’s been smoked sea salts, caramels, and hot chocolate mix; this year we’re considering jars of red pepper jelly or infused vinegars.

A homemade gift can be far more meaningful than anything you buy in the store. It shows you care enough about the recipient to spend something far more valuable than money: time.

And on a more practical level, making and giving homemade gifts can shrink your carbon footprint, since you’re bypassing all the resource-guzzling manufacturing, packaging, and transportation steps. The environmental benefits are increased even more if you choose a project in which you’re upcycling old materials.

So round up your crafting supplies and take a look at some of my favorite projects, culled from Pinterest and beyond.