7 Companies That Make Employee Volunteering a Priority

7 Companies That Make Employee Volunteering a Priority

Monday, June 23, 2014 - 1:40pm

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In a recent article on TriplePundit, seven industry-leading companies were listed that make employee volunteering a priority while still turning a profit. SAP is included on that list.

SAP partners with several different NGOs to spur employee volunteering in the United States. The company’s signature volunteering initiative is its annual Month of Service held in October, where more than 150 projects are executed across the country.

Thousands of SAP employees in the U.S. participate in the Month of Service, along with several partners and customers in some cities, according to the company. The company also matches up to $2,500 in charitable donations per employe, per year and offers hardware and software donations through a nonprofit partnership with Techsoup.

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Original source: TriplePundit