2022 Will Be the Great Reckoning for Corporate Purpose

Look for leaders to go beyond net zero actions to net positive actions that focus on restoring, reinvigorating, and regenerating the environment and society.
Jan 10, 2022 3:00 PM ET
The Purpose Collaborative

Originally published by FastCompany


Amid an ongoing pandemic, climate crisis, Great Resignation, and battles for the most basic human rights, stakeholders continue to demand more of organizations. Employees are leaving companies not aligned with their values for others that offer a greater sense of purpose, consumers are boycotting brands whose values differ from theirs, and investors are shifting assets to companies that demonstrate long-term ESG commitments.

To help leaders navigate the months ahead, I asked members of the Purpose Collaborative, the world’s largest collective of purpose-driven firms, three questions about purpose in 2022.


The Purpose Collaborative is a global group of 45-plus firms and subject matter experts, represented by 400-plus professionals in 20-plus countries, all developing breakthrough work to help organizations accelerate their social purpose. Founded by Cone, Purpose Collaborative members are hand-selected, based on their unique capabilities and prominence in the field.

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