2010–2012 Sustainable Development Plan: Time to Take Stock!

Jan 15, 2014 2:30 PM ET
Performance Report on the 2010-2012 Sustainable Development Plan

Green by Nature

In 2010, we developed our first sustainable development plan, which presented key issues on which we wanted to see progress, as a logical part of our commitment to continuous improvement. It was also a way to continue our outreach and awareness-raising efforts, both internally and externally. Thus, after a long, careful stakeholder consultation process meant to confer transparency to the project and ensure its success, we came up with 18 strategic goals!-

Achieved or surpassed goals

- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by favouring the use of renewable energy over fossil fuels (reached 200%)
- Obtain supplies from responsible suppliers (reached 115%)
- Reduce the discharge of effluent (reached 172%)
- Improve the quality of treated water by reducing the biological oxygen demand and suspended solids (reached 595%)
- Increase client awareness of sustainable development (reached 105%)
- Work closely with the industry and decision-makers (reached 190%)
- Collaborate transparently with stakeholders (reached 220%)
- Increase the number of units involved in their community (reached 116%)