1stGig.com Helps Recent Graduates turn a Connection into a Career

1stGig.com Helps Recent Graduates turn a Connection into a Career

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1stGig.com helps employers and early career professionals turn connections into careers.

Friday, May 30, 2014 - 10:05am

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1stGig.com launched a few years ago with the mission to aggressively change the way that early career professionals found their ideal first career and how employers approached their recruiting process. It was launched to SIMPLIFY the process. So it’s with great excitement that we announce that as of today, 1stGig.com has upgraded its functionality to include a sophisticated matching algorithm that achieves this simplification goal.

And what else are we hoping to reshape in this industry? Attitudes around the entire process. We call potential employees “Potentials”  because that’s what they offer and represent. Employers get a few breaks too - no more resume sorting and sifting, and countless interviews. Because Potentials act on matches, employers can rest assured that they’re qualified AND interested. No need to waste budget for on-site interviews, background screening, etc. And for Potentials with limited cashflow, 1stGig.com is free.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, you’ve likely heard statistics such as unemployment rate for those under 25 is typically at least twice the national average…” that we’ve heard through USATODAY’s Young Money. And while that may be true, we also are seeing this trend has actually improved over the last few years. What’s not to be ignored in this conversation is that not only are recent grads not always finding work, but they’re often settling for roles they don’t want, for companies they aren’t thrilled about, and in locations they weren’t hoping for because they feel opportunities are hard to come by and because they don’t know where to find a better opportunity. The picture painted here is bleak, but with 1stGig.com, graduates are connected with companies seeking Potentials with the skills, preferences, experiences that they possess.


It’s time to get started.

Hiring employers and early career job seekers, check out 1stGig.com now. Know someone else who fits that description? Send them our way!

1stGig.com is always free for Potentials, and it’s free for employers for a limited time. Sign up now to see for yourself how the job hunt has met its match.



Katherine Gramann