14 Easy Ways You Can Fair Trade Your Daily Routine, From Start to Finish

What a difference a day makes...
Oct 23, 2017 10:00 AM ET

The Fair Trade Difference

Every day, we make choices. We choose what to wear to work, what to eat for breakfast, and which blanket to curl up under at night. Each one of these decisions has the power to improve the world when you choose items with the Fair Trade Certified seal. That's because every time you do, it sends money directly back to the farmers, workers, or fishermen who produced that item for you, which they invest back into their own communities. This October, making the commitment to choosing Fair Trade products has never been easier. Learn more about the Fair Trade Difference and take the pledge here.

A Fair Trade Day:

Start your day under this snuggly duvet and step out of bed onto your stylish wool rug from west elm knowing you're empowering cotton farmers and factory workers. Destination: a cup of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters®. It tastes especially good because it directly supports coffee farmers. Accompany it with a bowl of dark cocoa cereal and a few Fair Trade Certified berries to send funds to cocoa and berry farmers.

For an afternoon snack, double up a bottle of honey green tea with a chewy nut butter bar. You’ll cruise through the rest of the day while also helping workers invest in education. Create positive change for banana producers before your evening run by choosing one that's Fair Trade Certified, and for all your workout gear needs, Athleta's got you covered from top to bottom.

Empower fishermen here in the U.S. by choosing  Fair Trade Certified scallops for dinner. Add the finishing touch to your dinner table with a vase of fresh roses, so when you sit down to dinner you’ll also be providing meals for fishermen, factory workers, and flower producers around the world. No time to make dessert? Time to tap into the chocolate stash in the pantry. Who knew changing the world could be so easy?