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  PCI-Media Impact (Media Impact) and Fundación Social have partnered to launch four new Entertainment-Education (E-E) initiatives to promote youth participation in the design of community development plans throughout Colombia.  Entertainment-Education is the purposeful...
  My School – My Community is an innovative approach to learning that directly and actively engages students. Through hands-on exploration, students learn to effectively use creative storytelling and media to catalyze change and mobilize action, serving their communities as agents of...
Two radio soap operas taught Guatemalan communities about important sexual health issues. Intrigue, romance and conflict help health organizations reach target audience by captivating listeners with enthralling plots.
PCI Media Impact premiers their Ecuadorian radio drama, "Magic Touch", every Wednesday. "Magic Touch" promotes youth awareness of gender equality and assists in the cultural elimination of inequity and violence against women.
PCI-Media Impact is participating in GlobalGiving’s Open Challenge, an online fundraising drive, to save one of their most successful social change communications campaigns, Honduras’ first environmentally-focused radio campaign “Agua de Angel,” recently stalled by the...


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